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Carol A. Wolfson is on the Executive Board of the Himalayan Consensus Institute (HCI).
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About Himalayan Consensus


The Himalayan Consensus Institute is a non-profitable organization registered under the laws of Hong Kong. It serves to coordinate a network of organizations (NGOs, social entrepreneurs, and individual activists) exchanging developmental experiences and promoting Himalayan Consensus principles of cultural sustainable development. The Institute promotes regional cooperation between stakeholders and engages in second track diplomacy efforts addressing ethnic, development and environmental issues.


Himalayan Consensus is a fresh economic development paradigm built upon the three principles of:

Protecting ethnic diversity and indigenous identity,

Through sustainable economic programs or socially-responsible businesses,

Which prioritize environmental protection and community development.

Himalayan Consensus is drawn from collective experiences across the Himalayan region (such as Bhutan’s concept of Gross National Happiness to Bangladesh’s micro-finance) where local knowledge has proved successful in creating pragmatic solutions to development challenges.

Himalayan Consensus is flexible in its approach, basing solutions on local conditions, and in this respect entirely applicable in other regions of the world facing challenges of poverty alleviation, ethnic minority marginalization, and environmental desecration.


Tibet 2010
Please enjoy our fundraising/adventure trip to Tibet in August 2010, where we also celebrated my birthday!

Please click on the image above to download the Tibet Photobook (.PDF)

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