Celebrate the new year of the Rooster at our Shambhala Cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal!

To start off the year of the Rooster, I’m so pleased to share that our Himilayan Consensus Institute development project in Kathmandu is thriving. The Shambhala Cafe (on the first floor of our renovation project of a historic building that has been the home and cultural center of three generations of Tibetan lamas who protect historic texts and have provided spiritual sanctuary for generations of refugees) is running self-sustainably by the Tibetan family of the lamas. The funds from the cafe support the lamas, their work, and the building that we restored as a Dharma Center. So, the next time you’re in Kathmandu, please visit (our HCI headquarters is on the second floor too!). FYI, in one of the photos you can see one of the resident lamas standing on the building’s roof w/view of the Bodnath Stupa in post-earthquake renovation! Thanks again to Mary Sewell and family for their kind donation towards this project.

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