The Last Pluck

Prepare to learn, laugh and live life through the eyes of a Western business woman, consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist as she begins her life experience in Asia. Barely 20 years old when she embarked on her journey, she now shares her experiences and 25 years of trials and tribulations in a world so culturally different from her roots that even the most seasoned expatriate will be captivated. This book gives all readers the opportunity to live the Asia experience through Wolfson’s eyes. She also provides the reader with valuable and insightful information and tips on doing business in Asia, which is a must read if you are planning a trip to the Far East.


This book is not only a valuable teaching tool, it is chock full of wonderful humor and dotted throughout with romance and emotion.


“The Last Pluck takes us on a personal journey of discovery and insight into the explosive growth the Asian economies, especially China, have undergone over the past quarter of a century. While the tone is often lighthearted and humorous, there are enough useful business and personal tips this book could become the new “What They Don’t Teach You at the Harvard Business School”. A must read for any new expat businessperson and their accompanying spouse being sent to Asia on how to cope with the New Asian Century. An easy read, highly recommended for plane travel.”
John Chan
Author of China Streetsmart


“To the hometown queens, expatriate life suggests shark-infested waters. It’s a sea of strange faces, weird food and unreadable signage. Wolfson is different; she strayed off the beaten track –  and stayed. Away. For 26 years. Even so you can’t take Wisconsin out of the girl – like most American expats, she still craves Hershey bars, and her Thanksgiving parties are the talk of Shanghai. Through Wolfson’s Western eyes Asia’s lions and dragons are demystified. She explains life as a ‘gweipor’ – literally ‘foreign devil’ in Cantonese and the frustration of being, all too often, invisible in male-centric Asia. This she discovered applied even with women, as she battled to get served by Asian air stewardesses who treated work as a speed-dating opportunity in the 80s. The Last Pluck  is unfailingly feisty but feminine, as Wolfson shows how to negotiate Asia’s elephant traps with lots of face and a toss of her Titian hair. But there are no hidden shallows here – a steel magnolia core underpins her credibility and integrity. This book is warm, witty and informative. We’re tired of whingers whining about how tough it is being a woman in Asia. Wolfson not only cracked it herself, but has gone all out to show how you too can have it all – even out there in the Wild East.”
– Anna Healy Fenton – Foreign Correspondent


“The Last Pluck’ is a must for anyone coming to Asia with a view to doing business. Wolfson has captured the idiosyncrasies particular to this part of the world with humour, compassion and from an enormous amount of experience. A young Mid-Western lady travelling halfway round the world, alone, in the ’80s was pretty scary yet Wolfson set off on an  adventure that has lasted a lifetime and is still not over. The perfect gift for new-comers, old timers or if you just want to laugh and cry at the same time whilst enjoying Carol’s family, friends, wonderful Irish husband, Michael, and an enormous amount of animals! A joy and a revelation………. a jolly good read!”
– Shelley Epstone – Journalist


“By honestly sharing her own experiences and emotions, Wolfson takes us on a voyage of discovery – in vibrant color – of the incredible complexity of expat life in Asia. Full of humor and panache, Wolfson relates tales of living, working and playing in a region that has undergone tremendous changes since the days she first journeyed to China from the Midwest in 1981. She writes from a place that is familiar to fellow expats, while also providing a warm, witty and insightful newcomer’s guide to navigating the sometimes precarious, even hilarious shoals of life abroad. And, in the end, we come away with an understanding of why, despite the occasional challenges, Wolfson feels enriched by and connected to Asia. As one of her favorite artists, Carole King, says, “I’m Into Something Good.” Pick up your copy of The Last Pluck, an original, engaging and most satisfying book.”
– Linda Hoenig, Former Chairwoman, Shanghai Expatriates Association


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95% of all profits from this book will be donated to charity. The other 5% will be used to purchase whiskey (as far as Wolfson is concerned, much needed to survive charity work).

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