Wild Snow Leopard Cubs Found in Den

My husband and I are thrilled to have helped fund a small part of this research project to find and observe wild snow leopard cubs in their den. Two Snow Leopard Cubs were located and filmed in their den in Mongolia in August. (there may be only 4,000 Snow Leopards left in the wild and this is only the fourth time researchers have ever been able to observe wild cubs in their den.) If you would like to help support the amazing work carried out by the Snow Leopard Trust, please go to snowleopardtrust.org


Shambala Cafe donation plaque

We are honored to have the Shambala Cafe (on the ground floor of our Himalayan Consensus Institute headquarters located in the restored Lama’s Residence, Boudha, Kathmandu) dedicated in memory of our parents and my beloved Princess.


Himalayn Consensus Institute Tibetan projects thank you plaque

We are so grateful to our generous donors who helped make several humanitarian projects come to fruition in Tibet over the past few years. This thank you plaque will hang in the new Himalayan Consensus Institute (HCI) headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal which in itself was a renovation project in a historic building where three generations of Lamas have lived for decades. These monks help refugees, local people (repairing Buddhist shrines, helping with earthquake and disaster relief, etc), store and protect ancient Tibetan texts, etc.  And we are honored that these devoted monks will say daily prayers for our donors and their families.

Celebrate the new year of the Rooster at our Shambhala Cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal!

To start off the year of the Rooster, I’m so pleased to share that our Himilayan Consensus Institute development project in Kathmandu is thriving. The Shambhala Cafe (on the first floor of our renovation project of a historic building that has been the home and cultural center of three generations of Tibetan lamas who protect historic texts and have provided spiritual sanctuary for generations of refugees) is running self-sustainably by the Tibetan family of the lamas. The funds from the cafe support the lamas, their work, and the building that we restored as a Dharma Center. So, the next time you’re in Kathmandu, please visit (our HCI headquarters is on the second floor too!). FYI, in one of the photos you can see one of the resident lamas standing on the building’s roof w/view of the Bodnath Stupa in post-earthquake renovation! Thanks again to Mary Sewell and family for their kind donation towards this project.

Thank you the Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and SCAA supporters!

We are as ever extremely grateful to the Hyatt Hotels & Resorts for their generous donation of fantastic room prizes for our 11th annual SCAA holiday raffle. And, thank you to all our amazing Second Chance Animal Aid Shanghai supporters. Our fund raising never ends as injured/sick abandoned and stray animals never decrease…..we treat every rescued animal individually and with great love and thorough medical attention. We are up to well over 1,000 animals adopted out (to forever homes in over 60 countries now!) and probably a couple thousand more beyond healing (but loved, medically treated, and held until their very last moments). It’s expensive but worth every moment of trying. We enter year 12 soon; please support us and donate if you can (you can donate by paypal and Wechat now!). If you are in Shanghai, please consider becoming a foster parent too!


Prize Winners

Second Chance Animal Aid Shanghai Fund Raising Plea!

Our social media campaign to raise funds towards our record-breaking animal care costs from May – August (over RMB 75,000) has started. Please click on the link below to see how you can donate and help us make a difference to Shanghai’s abandoned and stray animals.  Also find out our news on special needs foster animal cases, sponsored raffled prizes for lucky donors, and who’s donated so far.


Lama residence renovation completed!!

Himalayan Consensus building
I am thrilled to announce the completed restoration of the historic residence of a lineage of Rinpoches from the Drigung Kadgyusect of Tibetan Buddhism.


The residence has stood in Boudha , Kathmandu for decades where it served as a halfway house for refugees and has been occupied by three generations of lamas who wished to convert the house to a full fledged Dharma center for Drigung Kadgyu teachings. See attached photos of Choezen Kulchen Rinpoche praying from the rooftop of the house after this spring’s chain of earthquakes, with the Stupa for Granting Wishes in the background (under repair), and photos of the repair work taking place. During excavations on the house an ancient mask of the Lion-headed Dakini was uncovered among other items.


I am honored that the ground floor cafe (which will employ local people and provide funding for humanitarian projects throughout Nepal) has been dedicated to my and Michael Garvey‘s parents along with a dedication plaque to the memory of my beloved Princess (Himalayan Consensus founder Laurence Brahm knows he can get me to raise funds for any project in Tibet/Nepal if he somehow includes Princess in karmic prayers!).


Thanks also to Mary Sewell and family for their generous donation to this project. All those who have donated to our Tibet projects have their names/dedications engraved on a plaque outside the lamas’ prayer room in the Bouda residence (if you’d like to make a donation at any time, please contact me as the dedication/daily prayers by monks makes a lovely gift for a loved one or in memory of someone special in your life.)